Wall Of Fame Winner - Oct. 2023

School clinic wall decal with health and education message in vibrant letters, surrounded by nurse inspired wall art.

October's Wall of Fame Shines with a Message of Health and Harmony!

As the leaves change and autumn's crisp air settles in, October's Wall of Fame winner arrives to remind us of the vital connection between health and education. This month, we celebrate Patricia L., a dedicated school nurse whose winning entry showcases a powerful message within her school clinic walls.

The decal declares: "Students must be healthy to be educated and educated to be healthy." It's a simple yet profound statement that captures the essence of Patricia's work and serves as a constant reminder to students, staff, and visitors alike.

What makes this entry truly special is the context. Patricia's school clinic is a haven of care and support, a place where both physical and mental wellbeing are prioritized. The decal not only beautifies the space but also reinforces the clinic's mission and empowers students to take ownership of their health.

We at TheSimpleStencil.com are deeply inspired by Patricia's commitment to holistic education. Her winning entry embodies the power of wall art to not only decorate but also educate and inspire.

Inspired by Patricia's message? We invite you to explore our decals or even co-create your own custom design to promote well-being in your own space. Let's make health and education a beautiful part of every environment!

Would you like to be considered as our next monthly "Wall of Fame" winner? Send us a picture of your finished Simple Stencil decal project and you may be featured here next month. Plus, every winner chosen wins a $40 gift card towards a future purchase. Read more about our Wall-of-Fame requirements and submit photos here.

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