Wall of Fame Winner - May

Wall of Fame Winner - May

We are delighted to announce our latest "Wall of Fame" decal contest winner as Sandra L.! This incredible individual has embraced the power of wall decals by showcasing the inspiring quote, "Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take but by the moments that take our breaths away."

"This one I just did in our remodeled bathroom. I had it in there before but we had water damage ( hence remodel) and wall was ruined I love this quote so much I have it in brown and turquoise on our bedroom wall in our winter home in Mesa Az. I just love your stencils, they are so easy to put on." ~Sandra L

Sandra has truly captured the essence of our wall decals with their chosen quote. By adorning their remodeled bathroom with this empowering message, she has transformed the space into a sanctuary of motivation and reflection. Despite facing challenges with water damage, our winner's resilience shines through as they continue to embrace this quote, now displayed in their bedroom wall in their winter home in Mesa, AZ. Their love for our wall decals and the ease of application exemplify the impact and convenience of our products.

Inspirational wall decals hold the power to transform any room into a source of inspiration and motivation. Our winner's choice of quote speaks to the profound meaning of life's precious moments. By incorporating this uplifting message into their everyday surroundings, they have created a space that serves as a constant reminder to appreciate life's awe-inspiring experiences. Wall decals offer a simple yet impactful way to infuse positivity into our living spaces.

Our winner's testimonial highlights the ease of applying our wall decals. With their love for the quote, they have personalized their space with colors that reflect their unique style and living spaces. The versatility of our decals allows for customization, ensuring that each installation becomes a true reflection of the individual's personality and vision. The straightforward application process makes it accessible for anyone to transform their spaces effortlessly.

We extend our warmest congratulations to our "Wall of Fame" winner, Sandra,  for her exceptional use of our wall decals. Her dedication to creating awe-inspiring spaces, even in the face of challenges, is truly remarkable. We are thrilled to have played a part in her journey of personalization and inspiration. Thank you for sharing your story and embracing the power of our decals.

Would you like to be considered as our next monthly "Wall of Fame" winner? Send us a picture of your finished Simple Stencil decal project and you may be featured here next month. Plus, every winner chosen wins a $40 gift card towards a future purchase. Read more about our Wall-of-Fame requirements and submit photos here.

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