Show You Care: Celebrate Teachers with Inspiring Wall Decals!

A happy teachers displaying a sign her students gifted her during teacher appreciation week that reads: The influence of a good teacher can never be erased. By TheSimpleStencil

Teacher Appreciation Week is a time to shower our educators with gratitude for their dedication and hard work. This year, go beyond the traditional apple and create a lasting impact with removable wall decals from!

Teacher Appreciation Week is Coming, Mark Your Calendars!
Mon, May 6, 2024 – Fri, May 10, 2024
Teachers plant seeds that grow forever. Large school hallway tree with flowing heart leaves to decorate the walls of your school. Select colors to match your school colors or mascot. Easy to apply to walls great for teacher's lounge or school hallways or as a gift for teacher appreciation week.

Personalized Gifts & Appreciation Displays:

  • Teacher Superstars: Teachers are the real superheroes! Highlight their amazingness with fun educational decals, or motivational quotes. Personalize them with the teacher's name for an extra special touch.

  • A Classroom Makeover: Surprise your favorite teacher with a classroom door makeover! Our wide selection of educational wall decals includes inspirational quotes, world maps, science diagrams, and more. Choose a theme that reflects the teacher's subject and creates a stimulating learning environment.

  • School-Wide Recognition: Showcase your school's appreciation with a large hallway decal. Feature a heartwarming message about the importance of teachers, or create a collage of student artwork expressing gratitude.

Teaching Is A Work Of Heart | Teachers Lounge Wall Art Decal

Transforming the Teacher's Lounge:

The teacher's lounge is a haven for educators to recharge and connect with colleagues. Liven up the space with decals that create a warm and inviting atmosphere:

  • Nature Scenes: Promote relaxation and stress relief with calming nature scenes like tranquil dandelions, trees or soaring birds.

  • Inspiring Quotes: Motivate and inspire teachers with uplifting quotes about education, learning, and the power of teaching.

  • Collaborative Space: Encourage teamwork and idea-sharing by creating designated areas for brainstorming and lesson planning with whiteboard decals or collaborative wall murals.

teachers who love teaching teach children who love learning - beautifully vinyl wall quote by The Simple Stencil displayed on a teacher's lounge wall during Teacher Appreciation Week to celebrate teaching. The Perfect Choice for Teacher Appreciation

At, we offer a vast collection of high-quality, removable teacher appreciation wall decals that are perfect for celebrating teachers and creating inspiring learning environments. Here's why we're the perfect partner for Teacher Appreciation Week:

  • Wide Variety: Find the ideal decal for any teacher or classroom with our extensive selection of designs.

  • Easy to Use: Our decals are simple to apply and remove, allowing for creative flexibility.

  • 100% Removable: No damage to walls! Perfect for temporary decorations or classroom makeovers.

  • Affordable Prices: Show your appreciation without breaking the bank.

  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee: We're confident you'll love our decals. If not, we offer a hassle-free 30 day return policy.

  • School Purchase Orders Accepted: We understand the needs of schools. Our simple purchase order process makes it easy to get the decals you need.

We ❤️ hearing from our customers!

Share your thoughts in the comments below:

  • Tell us about a teacher who made a difference in your life.
  • Share your favorite quote about teachers or education.
  • Do you have a design idea for a teacher appreciation decal we should create?

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