Copy of School Purchase Order Information

Yes, we accept school (and government agency) purchase orders!

Please note: After adding items, you will find a green purchase order checkout button at the bottom of your shopping cart page. (Below the regular checkout button). Your order will not be processed until we receive (and approve) your organizations officially approved, and signed, purchase order. Additional details below.

  1. Prepare Shopping Cart - Add all the items you wish to order into a shopping cart. Be sure to select all the sizes, quantities and colors you would like to purchase. 
  2. Request custom items (optional) - If your school or organization needs something custom made (logos, printed graphics, etc.) send us a request so that we can prepare your special request and add it to your shopping cart.
  3. Get order details - Once you have added everything to cart you would like included on your purchase order, go to your shopping cart where you will find a green PURCHASE ORDER REQUEST button at the very bottom of the page (below the regular checkout button). Our system will then email a .pdf version of your shopping cart to the email address of your choice, with instructions on how to submit your approved PO to continue the ordering process. 
  4. Get Approval - Prepare your purchase order, get approved and signed by qualified official, according to your organizations process. 
  5. Send Us Signed PO. - Email your approved purchase order and copy of the PDF cart details provided by us, to You can also upload forms below.
  6. Check email* for purchase order acceptance notification. Normally sent within 24 business hours and will include estimated shipping date.
  7. Smile and prepare for your purchase order to arrive within 2-10 working days**.

IMPORTANT - Please be aware, when you select PURCHASE ORDER as your payment method, no payment will be collected at this time. The order is not considered an actual order until we receive your approved PO, and it is subsequently approved by us. 

**Purchase order acknowledgement emails are normally sent within 1 working day. If you do not hear from us within 24 hours after submitting your PO, or you need it sooner, please contact us via chat or call us at 1-352-299-3538.

**If you need your order to arrive by a certain date or have any other questions, please contact us.


SALES TAX EXEMPTIONS - Because we are located in Florida, we are only required to charge sales tax when an order is shipped to an address within our home state. If your order is shipping outside of Florida, no sales tax will be applied and there is nothing you need to do. If your order is shipping within Florida, please send us a copy of your Florida Sales Tax Exemption Form (DR-14) so that we can adjust your account to remove sales tax. Please do this before printing and processing your Purchase Order request so that the balance due is correct. 

Purchase orders must:

  1. be a bona fide company document and signed by a qualified representative of the school.
  2. state both the shipping and billing address as well as contact name and phone numbers.
  3. include the order number (or pdf order details sent by us) so that we can retrieve all details about the order (color choices, etc.).
  4. include shipping fees (if any) and total amount approved.
  5. include payment terms per your school requirements and details about how to submit invoice for payment.
  6. purchase order payee details should include the following info:

The Simple Stencil - P.O. Box 358998 Gainesville, Florida 32635

If you need a copy of our W-9 for your tax records you can download it here. If you need us to complete a vendor application, please email 

Sales tax will not be applied to your school purchase. However, if you are located within the state of Florida, you will need to send us your tax exemption (Form DR-14) before taxes can be removed.


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