Strike a Chord in Your Music Room: Inspiring Decals for "Music in Our Schools" Month (and Beyond!)

A playful music classroom utilizes a captivating musical instrument-themed decal [describe the decal] to direct young learners towards their designated area, sparking imagination and excitement for music education.

March is "Music in Our Schools" month, and what better way to celebrate than by infusing your school music or band room with the magic of eye-catching, inspirational decals that can instantly elevate your space, fostering creativity, motivation, and a love for music in your students.

Why Choose Music Decals for Your Music Room?

    • Boost School Spirit: Celebrate your school's band, choir, or orchestra with custom decals featuring your mascot or school colors. We love to create custom decals, just send us your logo or mascot for a free quote. 
    • Easy to Apply and Remove: Our decals are made with high-quality vinyl, making them simple to apply, professional looking and removable without damaging walls when you're ready for a change or moving classrooms. 
    • Endless Customization: Choose from our extensive library of pre-designed music quotes, musical symbols, and graphics, or design your own unique decals in our online design center.

Music wall decal featuring inspiring quote "Music is life, that's why our hearts have beats." decorates school hallway near band room, promoting music education.

Beyond "Music in Our Schools" Month:

Our music decals aren't just for March! They're perfect for year-round inspiration and decoration in any music classroom, band room, or even your own home music studio.

Here are some additional ideas for using music decals:

    • Create a music history timeline: Showcase the evolution of music with decals featuring famous composers and musicians.
    • Highlight different instruments: Decorate instrument storage areas with decals showcasing specific instruments like the saxophone, violin, or drums.
    • Designate practice areas: Use decals to mark designated areas for individual or group practice sessions.

Diverse group of students laugh and play instruments in a music room adorned with colorful music notes and instrument decals, creating a vibrant and inspiring learning environment.

Shop with Confidence:

We are proud to offer high-quality, made-in-the-USA music decals with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We also ship orders fast, typically within 1-3 days, and accept purchase orders for schools and organizations.

Ready to transform your music room? Visit our website today to browse our extensive collection of music decals and start creating your musical masterpiece! 


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