Black History Month Wall Decals

A large school hallway showing images of black leaders in American history over one of their most famous quotes. This popular display idea is great for schools, churches and even office buildings, especially during Black History Month (Feb).

February 1st marks the start of Black History Month each year in America. Americans set aside this month to focus on the historical contributions that people of African descent have made to this amazing country.  Teaching black history in schools during February, and throughout the school-year, is imperative to inspire young people to work towards a future of equality for all races.

Simple Stencil wall decals has a large collection of quote decals by black leaders in history that we hope will inspire students, honor our black leaders, promote awareness and beautify your school all at once. Below you will find a few of our most popular black history month wall decal decor ideas. However we have a large collection of inspirational ways our Simple Stencil wall decals can be used in your school or learning environments. Browse our full collection here.

A collection of three wall decals applied to a plain white wall in black for Black History Month (Feb) in schools. This particular set shows Martin Luther King, Jr., Maya Angelou and Muhammad Ali.

Some schools have decided to celebrate black history 365 days a year by creating a school hallway or walk-way that has several silhouette images of historic black leaders above an inspiring quote they are known for. Students can be inspired as they walk through the halls between classes. It's a wonderful way to be inspired by and honor these black leaders in history, not just during February, but all school year long. American History teachers have also done the utilized one or more of these silhouette/quote combinations on the walls of their classroom that can inspire alongside their lessons in a decorative and creative way.

An image of three hanging Black History Month poster prints of faces and quotes by Muhammad Alie, Martin Luther King, Jr and Malcolm X

If you are looking for a solution that can be hung during Black History Month events in February only, year after year, you may find our black history poster collection a great solution. The silhouette faces of black leaders alongside one of their quotes. They are printed on poster paper or canvas, that you can frame for hanging year after year, or moved throughout your school as needed. We also offer the set printed on self-adhesive wall vinyl, which may be appropriate for some schools or for windows, etc.

If you don't see a black leader represented that you would like added to our collection, please contact us with your request. Some of our best ideas began with a customer's request. Contact us today with your ideas.

Looking for more black history month inspiration? You may find this Martin Luther King, Jr. blog post helpful if you're looking for inspirational quotes that can be used in teaching, or celebrating black history. We also have a great resource of our top 25 quotes by Black Leaders here. 

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